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 Contaminated American Drywall

Contaminated American Drywall – The Silent Killer

Updated -September 15, 2013

When I first started this website Contaminated American Drywall at the beginning of 2013, I had no idea what kind of response I would get from across the whole Country. My main purpose for doing the website was to inform, educate, and mainly trying to save the lives of known victims, and those unsuspecting victims, who may have purchased one of the thousands of newly built foreclosed homes.

contaminated-american-drywall-300x225I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, who was exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. Eight hospital stays later from exposure to the Contaminated United States Gypsum Drywall that was placed in my home by NuWay Drywall LLC (the installer), and delivered by the Supplier (L & W Supply Corp d/b/a/ Seacoast Supply) and built by the builder (Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida, Inc.) and of course, the Manufacturer (United States Gypsum Corporation).

Under oath I will testify, if I live that long, that my defective drywall did more harm to me medically than Agent Orange has done over the last 40+ years. The drywall in my home is killing me! My testing has shown that I have almost 4 times the amount of CARBON DISULFIDE in my drywall, well over the limits allowed. My drywall also has ACETONE in it, there should not be any of this in the drywall at all.

My drywall also has a few additional chemicals in it, over the limits. Then my drywall also has TH228 – RADIATION in it. Look up any of these and see what they will do to you. Just Carbon Disulfide alone, daily exposure over a long period of time—compare that to my medical symptomology list of myself and other victims, who have been exposed. I have become an expert in Defective Chinese Drywall and Defective American Drywall over the past 4+ years.

But since putting out the website in January 2013, I have gained a considerable amount of additional knowledge. I have learned that the CONTAMINATED AMERICAN DRYWALL – WILL MAKE THE CHINESE DRYWALL LOOK LIKE SMALL POTATOES. Why do I say this? Because in my travels up and down the Gulf Coast of Florida I have found from Naples to Venice, that most buildings built from 2004 on are pretty much contaminated. I am not sure in most buildings what brand of drywall they have, but I smell the same odor, and they have other characteristics that duplicate my own home.

My inclination is to say that they have American Drywall, and I have discovered that some of them do have UNITED STATES GYPSUM, such as my own home. The Contamination does not just stay in Florida! I recently went to Ohio and it took 5 attempts to find a hotel that was not Contaminated in Perrysburg, Ohio. Then I went to my small hometown of Defiance, Ohio and there I find more hotels that have the same characteristics as my Florida home. ONE thing that we have learned over the years is that all Chinese and American Drywall “Victims” have all become HYPER-SENSATIVE to odors after exposure to their own homes.

In my case I have an additional factor, as I am also ALLERGIC to SULFA DRUGS. These are in the sulfur family, which makes my hyper-sensitivity even that much greater. I have traveled to other states, and found similar buildings that were contaminated. I am in COURT fighting PRO SE, as no Attorneys will step up to the plate and help the THOUSANDS of us Victims of AMERICAN DRYWALL. I am the “DAVEY” fighting against the bus load of Corporate Attorneys representing the 4 Large Corporations, and they are the “GOLIATH”. I am not sure how long I can hang on by myself. If you have MONEY then you can get JUSTICE, but I will not lay down, because I am a man of Honor!I just wished that someone would come forward and help this sick Disabled Veteran, at least It would maybe blaze the trail for those Victims down the road. I have received calls from California to Maine, and I promise I will try and help every single person that contacts me.

My website Contaminated American Drywall is still and will always remain unsponsored, because it is a tell it like it is, no holds barred, I will print any name if you are the guilty culprit! I do want to make sure that everyone sees the information ABOUT THE CONTAMINATED ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN? I also want to mention, but not include it here, but I am going to write a blog on our WORTHLESS STATE AND FEDERAL POLITICAL ELECTEES.

They have failed all the Drywall Victims who have CONTAMINATED AMERICAN DRYWALL, by allowing the cover up to continue, and providing no help, probably because we have not filled their pockets with “CAMPAIGN FUNDS”, RIGHT SEN. NELSON, CONG. BUCHANAN, AND SEN RUBIO? Thank You for visiting my website, Charles A. Hummer

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  1. Judith McElwaine says:

    Thank you for all this important information and bringing it out to the public. The company that manufactured this drywall must have known that this stuff was a health hazard and continued to make it and probably involved in a cover-up. It is terrible that our veterans having served our country and are dealing with disabilities already, are subject to the affects of this product. It is a real slap in the face to our veterans and all the people who built their dream homes. Adams Homes can’t just walk away and not do something about this.

  2. Frank Carr says:

    Thanks for the email about my blog. I was aware of limited problems with American and Chinese drywall and should have also included them in my blog. Love the website and video. Awareness is the answer to getting resolution to the drywall health problems effecting so many children and adults. To think you spend a fortune on a home and have to replace the appliances, plumbing, drywall, electrical and HVAC is ridiculous.

    There was a house in Clermont that was built with contaminated Canadian drywall. There is a CPSC report on it. The drywall was purchased at 84 lumber and determined to be very toxic.

    CPSC link to the report: http://www.cpsc.gov/PageFiles/80492/drywallidi1.pdf

    Hope this helps out a little and I will try to forward more information as I come across it.

  3. Joyce Reitz says:

    I hope that “someone” is listening and will set you free from this mess. You bought A home in good faith and cannot even live in it. There is no excuse for American made Drywall to be contaminated and those that are suffering should be compensated. Bless you for trying to help others in this mess and I pray that you will get some help!

  4. Jerry Tetro says:

    Charles your new youtube video Contaminated American Drywall is awesome! I hope this gets the attention from the right people so they can help you with your mess, by getting the spot light on the parties that harmed you.

  5. Charles A. Hummer says:

    Someone sent me information that was posted online about an Elementary School here in North Port, who was having odor problems. In dealing with the drywall issues, I suspected that it may be related. So this early afternoon, January 25, 2013, I drove to Lamarque Elementary School, 3415 Lamarque Ave., North Port. As I entered between the double set of doors I could detect an odor. But as I passed through the second set of doors it hit me pretty good. This was a smell that I am all to familiar with, and it reminded me of my own home. It was a sweet, sickly, chemical-metallic smell. I asked to speak with the principal, but she was busy. So I spoke to the office staff, and one went back and advised the Prinicipal about what I said, and she was told to refer me to the County School Facilities Manager. I called him, but I have no doubt that I won’t hear that telephone ring. Before I left as I stood talking to the young lady, my voice started to get raspy, and I mentioned to her. Surprisingly they took some of my cards to my website, after a small discussion (education). I worry about all those children, so I researched and called the leader of the school’s (PTO) Parent Teacher Organization and left a message. Hopefully she will call me back.

    • Ginger baer says:

      I’m very concerned about this issue as I have 3 children that attend Larmarque I need to get copies of these results where or how can I get copies

  6. Charles A. Hummer says:

    Spent the day today, Sunday – shooting the video, “From One War – Vietnam — To Another – USG. I sucked a lot of gas from the drywall today, and will pay dearly the next couple of days. Even though I am sick, I want to thank United States Gypsum Corporation, and one of their legal teams located in South Carolina. You inspire me and make me drag myself up and out of bed each morning! You might ask why? Because I am a crazy Disabled Vietnam Veteran, who will keep getting up when I am knocked down. You will never win this war, because I will fight you, and I will win because I have morals and Honor. These seem to be the qualities that are missing in your Corporation!

  7. Charles A. Hummer says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Columbia Analytical Services Revised my Case Narrative because when my testing was done, that was correct, but they failed to show it met the Identification Guidance for Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall, by the CPSC, dated March 18, 2011. This testing used ASTM D5504-08, or similar chamber or headspace testing. Sample CAS Lab #1, resulted in a hit of Carbon Disulfide above the Limit of Quantitation. (Meaning – PROBLEMATIC DRYWALL). Keep following for more discoveries and Breaking News!!

  8. Charles A. Hummer says:

    The United States Senate should be ashamed of themselves, for not mentioning anything about the American “Victims”, who are sick from exposure to Contaminated American Drywall. They passed HR4212, and failed to mention any American Drywall Companies, just China. United States Gypsum has known at least since 2006, that there was defective drywall, and failed to inform the American people. It is a crime what they have done, and many of us “Victims” would not be sick now, had we known back in 2006. The United States Attorney General should investigate and prosecute USG, for their crimes against the American people

  9. Jerry Tetro says:

    A great site Charles, it elevates your story to a new level. I hope I can help you tell the world your story, and in turn get somebody to stand up and do the right thing and make the repairs you need.

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