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Today, July 8, 2013, DAVEY hereinafter referred to as Charles A Hummer, the PLAINTIFF, sued in CIRCUIT COURT, UNITED STATES GYPSUM CORPORATION, hereinafter referred to as the DEFENDANT, for $25,000.000. The Plaintiff alleges that United States Gypsum Corporation manufactured Defective USG SHEETROCK, that poisioned the Plaintiffs, and caused permanent physical harm to both Plaintiffs. The USG SHEETROCK tested as having almost 4 times the allowed Carbon Disulfide, as well as other chemicals, ACETONE, and RADITION. The Plaintiffs alleges that the Defendants knew of such defects, and failed to warn the public od said defects.

The PLAINTIFFS, also sued in CIRCUIT COURT, for an additional $25,000,000, DEFENDANTS – ADAMS HOMES OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA, INC., L & W SUPPLY CORPORATION d/b/a/ SEACOAST SUPPLY, and NU WAY DRYWALL LLC. Defendants Adams Homes builds in various States and was made aware of problems early on, yet failed to fix anything. L & W SUPPLY CORPORATION IS OWNED BY USG CORPORATION, who was right in the middle of everything in 2006, when KNAUF first was made aware of problems with imported drywall. Oh and by the way, KNAUF OWNS PART OF UNITED STATES GYPSUM. The Plaintiff’s contention, is that all the big players were aware of drywall problems, but made the decision to cover up the issues, and not inform the American public about the DEFECTIVE DRYWALL.

All along everyone that had any knowledge of contaminated drywall, always referred to it as Contaminated Chinese Drywall, when in reality the whole world will soon know that there is more CONTAMINATED AMERICAN DRYWALL out there, than the Chinese ever had……PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!!!

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