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 Contaminated American Drywall

Contaminated American Drywall – The Silent Killer

Updated – March 29, 2018

Lots of activity since my last update back in June. My website has received over 650,000 page views, and the numbers are growing. Many phone calls from across the USA, and also a few from Canada. I continue to help anyone who believes they possibly have problems with their American or Chinese Drywall.

This past week has been unbelievable, as I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Through testing it was discovered that I have cancer in my left kidney. I now question whether this was a result of my Contaminated USG Drywall? My drywall has Acetone, TH228 (radiation) Carbon Disulfide, and a few other chemicals that shouldn’t be in it.

Regardless, during my treatment I will continue to help anyone, as a “Victim’s Advocate”, as the Drywall Off Gasses 24 hours a day and doesn’t take a break.

As you may see I do not promote businesses on my website…but I wanted to share my fantastic Trial Lawyers with anyone who may need assistance in the Miami area. They are Trial Lawyers and also handle real estate and foreclosure issues, as well as some other areas of law. Check out their website at Jacobs Keeley at: www.jakelegal.com or call 305-358-7991. I receive nothing for this acknowledgment, except helping people in need to connect with a good Attorney.
Updated – June 12, 2017

Many requests have come for me to give an update on what a person can do to tell if they have toxic Chinese or American Drywall. So here goes:
There are many companies out there that will scam you into doing all kinds of tests, such as the XRF Gun, Air Quality Testing, and the S8 Test. These tests will do nothing but cost you money, and you get nothing from the results. The biggest mistake of all is….there is no Air Quality Test designed to detect Toxic Drywall. It hasn’t been invented yet!

Early on when there was only Chinese Drywall, they did use the S8 Test, but the problem today is that the S8 Test will not show Positive on American Drywall. (with two exceptions)(l. Chinese Drywall with American paper and Bar Code on it)(2. Recycled Drywall with ground up Chinese Drywall in it).

The only test that will work on either American or Chinese Drywall is the Off Gassing Test. This Test is identified as: ASTM D 5504-08 GC/SCD. There are very few Laboratories that will perform this type of test, and also are Licensed to do so. There are specific requirements that have to be met, and each sample tested cost $235 each.

The results of this test are easy to read. There are three gasses listed on the page, and either it will show a result of each gas as “ND”, or there will be a number listed as the result. If it shows “ND” then that means Non-Detected, and the drywall sample is good. If it shows a number (one or more gasses), then it means that the Drywall tested Positive and is Problematic for that gas(s). There are additional factors also based on the number shown in the results column.

Please contact me if you have any specific questions, or you need more info on testing. My information is free of charge, and I receive no compensation from any Labs, or anyone else.

Updated – July 21, 2016

********PRESS RELEASE********    On February 26, 2016, the 2 District Court of Appeals,
ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, Charles A. Hummer vs Adams Homes of Northwest Florida
Inc., and NuWay Drywall LLC. The 2DCA overturned the Circuit Courts earlier ruling
dismissing Hummer’s Lawsuit based on the 4 year Statute of Limitations. The Court upheld
the dismissal of the Property Damages, but ruled in Mr. Hummer’s favor to go to trial on Medical

The case is returned to the Sarasota County Circuit Court where the trial for Medical Damages,
plus Punitive Damages, will go before a jury. The builder, Adams Homes and the Drywall Installer,
NuWay Drywall LLC., had put toxic United States Gypsum SHEETROCK Drywall in the new home
Hummer had purchased. The Drywall contained Carbon Disulfide over the limit. Acetone and TH228
(Radiation) was in the Drywall, and should have not been present. Because of these chemicals Mr.
Hummer incurred medical damages, and was hospitalized approximately 8 times between 2009 and 2013.

The ruling sets a precedent for other “Victims” who may have sustained medial injuries from their
Contaminated Drywall homes or condos. This is the only known case in the Courts presently dealing
with the effects of American Drywall. For further info contact online at this website, or call (941)240-5577, or email charleshummer57@yahoo.com.

As of this date, since the website was started I have received over 400,000 hits on the website. I am
receiving calls for help from all over the United Sates. Although I primarily handle American Drywall questions

I am also capable to discuss about the Chinese Drywall too.

Chuck Hummer


Updated – May, 2015

I started this website Contaminated American Drywall at the end of January 2013. Over TWO YEARS later I have well over 160,000 page views, and have helped people all over the United States and Canada.

My main purpose was to inform, educate and try to save as many lives of known victims, and those unsuspecting victims who may have purchased one of the thousands of newly built or foreclosed homes. There are so many homes and businesses that have toxic drywall in them. I can barely keep track of them! Every family that I have helped, who has gone as far as testing their drywall in a laboratory, every test has come back 100% POSITIVE for TOXIC DRYWALL.!

I want to give some updates on a few areas of concern from my website’s viewpoint…


First, we knew that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) was withholding the Health Consult that was promised to be released back in May, 2012. Finally, last year on May2 , 2014 the CDC has released the HEALTH CONSULT, and as expected it contained some important information, especially listing the health problems associated with each gas that comes off the drywall (Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, Carbone Disulfide).

Another MAJOR break was the first Government Agency that actually stated that there was ALSO TOXIC AMERICAN DRYWALL in black and white writing… This was not new to the thousands of us homeowners who already had known this data! I believe that the Government was forced to finally admit this information, because they could no longer hide under the Chinese Drywall, since all the settlements were taking place.

On June 17, 2014 I had the privilege to speak before Judge Eldon B. Fallon at the Federal Courthouse in New Orleans, LA, on the record, as a Victim, about American Contaminated Drywall. Even though it was a Chinese Drywall Court proceedings, and it gets complicated, I have Contaminated United States Gypsum Sheetrock Drywall, I am also a member of Omnibus #3 in the Federal MDL. The main point I wanted to make was that I entered some crucial information that is now part of the Federal Court’s proceedings. I entered data about the CDC Health Consult, and the Off Gassing Tests of Lamarque Elementary School located here in North Port, Florida. My testimony can be read in length if you look for it on the right side of the page.

Another major breaking area is that the drywall now has a new edge tape that has been enlarged in size, and also most companies have changed their designs. All drywall should now show the new ASTM C1396 number located by the Bar Codes… One problem that we are finding is that some new homes built in the end of 2013 and 2014 are already displaying some of the symptoms and associated smells as found in earlier contaminated drywall. I have personally found this in some new homes located in Lakeland and North Port, Florida.

As far as brands go I am mostly discovering UNITED STATES GYPSUM SHEETROCK, NATIONAL GYPSUM, and recently found some AMERICAN GYPSUM DRYWALL on the Gulf side of Florida. There is still a lot of CHINESE DRYWALL with various brand names, yet to be discovered ( or discovered and afraid to be reported). I know this because I have been getting many calls from RENTERS needing help as they found out, or with my assistance discovered that they rented a Contaminated Drywall home. I try to give as much assistance to them as possible in reaching the solution to their problems.

I am presently trying to work with some State Legislators to propose a bill, making it a crime to knowingly rent or sell a home, condo or apartment to anyone when you know that the building has a toxic drywall, and you fail to declare this to the buyer or renter.

I wanted to let everyone know that I believe that I am the only one that currently has a LAWSUIT still PENDING in the COURTS. I sued my builder ADAMS HOMES OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA, INC., and my drywall installer – NUWAY DRYWALL LLC for 25 MILLION DOLLARS, plus PUNITIVE DAMAGES. My home, my possessions, my health all have been destroyed or compromised, because my builder had UNITED STATES GYPSUM SHEETROCK installed in my home in 2006, and has since failed to this date to do the right thing.

My drywall tested and exceeded the limits for CARBON DISULFIDE, and also had ACETONE and TH228 (RADIATION) in it as well as a few extra chemicals that shouldn’t have been there. So if anyone out there is aware of any other lawsuits pending, I would be glad to hear from you. My telephone number and email is all over this website.

My website CONTAMINATEDAMERICANDRYWALL.COM is still, and will always remain unsponsored, because it is a tell it like it is, no holds barred website. I will print any name if they are the guilty culprit, and since this website has been up not one individual has challenged me, because you can’t dispute the truth and facts, especially if it is in black and white! I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. Many years later it is unfair that ADAMS HOMES OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA, INC. built a home that contained toxic American drywall. The facts are what they are… and that this builder has had all the time to step up to the plate and make things right. Yet they chose to deny and do nothing! After 8 hospital stays and damaged heart and organs I do what I do, because I am a man of Honor.

Thank you for visiting my website!


Charles A. Hummer

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  1. Klaus says:

    Hi Charles,
    I am sorry about this unspeakable disaster. Thank you very very much for coming out and inform the public about your experience with Adams.
    I just checked an Adams home today and was quite interested in a new house. — Now I think I keep my old one!
    Thanks again and good luck to you!

  2. Judith McElwaine says:

    Thank you for all this important information and bringing it out to the public. The company that manufactured this drywall must have known that this stuff was a health hazard and continued to make it and probably involved in a cover-up. It is terrible that our veterans having served our country and are dealing with disabilities already, are subject to the affects of this product. It is a real slap in the face to our veterans and all the people who built their dream homes. Adams Homes can’t just walk away and not do something about this.

  3. Joyce Reitz says:

    I hope that “someone” is listening and will set you free from this mess. You bought A home in good faith and cannot even live in it. There is no excuse for American made Drywall to be contaminated and those that are suffering should be compensated. Bless you for trying to help others in this mess and I pray that you will get some help!

  4. Charles A. Hummer says:

    Someone sent me information that was posted online about an Elementary School here in North Port, who was having odor problems. In dealing with the drywall issues, I suspected that it may be related. So this early afternoon, January 25, 2013, I drove to Lamarque Elementary School, 3415 Lamarque Ave., North Port. As I entered between the double set of doors I could detect an odor. But as I passed through the second set of doors it hit me pretty good. This was a smell that I am all to familiar with, and it reminded me of my own home. It was a sweet, sickly, chemical-metallic smell. I asked to speak with the principal, but she was busy. So I spoke to the office staff, and one went back and advised the Prinicipal about what I said, and she was told to refer me to the County School Facilities Manager. I called him, but I have no doubt that I won’t hear that telephone ring. Before I left as I stood talking to the young lady, my voice started to get raspy, and I mentioned to her. Surprisingly they took some of my cards to my website, after a small discussion (education). I worry about all those children, so I researched and called the leader of the school’s (PTO) Parent Teacher Organization and left a message. Hopefully she will call me back.

  5. Charles A. Hummer says:

    Spent the day today, Sunday – shooting the video, “From One War – Vietnam — To Another – USG. I sucked a lot of gas from the drywall today, and will pay dearly the next couple of days. Even though I am sick, I want to thank United States Gypsum Corporation, and one of their legal teams located in South Carolina. You inspire me and make me drag myself up and out of bed each morning! You might ask why? Because I am a crazy Disabled Vietnam Veteran, who will keep getting up when I am knocked down. You will never win this war, because I will fight you, and I will win because I have morals and Honor. These seem to be the qualities that are missing in your Corporation!

  6. Charles A. Hummer says:

    The United States Senate should be ashamed of themselves, for not mentioning anything about the American “Victims”, who are sick from exposure to Contaminated American Drywall. They passed HR4212, and failed to mention any American Drywall Companies, just China. United States Gypsum has known at least since 2006, that there was defective drywall, and failed to inform the American people. It is a crime what they have done, and many of us “Victims” would not be sick now, had we known back in 2006. The United States Attorney General should investigate and prosecute USG, for their crimes against the American people

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