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When I bought my home, I never anticipated having any major problems with my house. Being a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, I thought I could set back and relax, and enjoy life for a while. But from the very beginning I had some minor issues (which can happen with a new home), and then some more significant things happened.

I never dreamed that calling my builder, would get such negative responses from them, just because I called in punch out problems. Then when I called back because of more major problems…apparently I was the devil! They did send out a few trades, but the only one that was professional and took care of the problems of their trade, was the Plumber. I later ended up and brought in my own Electrician, who found some of their errors, and fixed them. He also added two additional circuits trying to fix one of the major problems with the home. I fought to get the sub contractor to pay this bill, and they finally did after I stated I would take them to Court.

I continued to have trouble with the house……flashing lights, smoke alarms going off, started losing appliances, and more. I eventually started a website, made some you tube videos, kept contacting my builder, and finally went to the Courts (Federal) (because I was told I had Chinese Drywall by my Insurance Company). Later on I found out I had American Drywall (United States Gypsum SHEETROCK), so I filed Lawsuits in the Circuit Court in Sarasota County, Florida.

Early on before I knew which drywall I had in my home, I had hung a banner up in front of my house. It has hung there since probably 2010, and then after finding out the brand I actually had, I hung a second banner stating I had USG Drywall. This banner has also hung for quite a while.

With all of these things I had done as stated above, I knew that my website was taking off and it was causing some problems for Adams Homes. My home is on a small street, with very little traffic, so my banners had very little impact, except on my website.

Then one day I get two visitors from my local Code Enforcement Office in North Port, Florida. They had a complaint filed about my banners, that apparently violated the local ordinances in North Port. I told the man and woman who responded to my home, that the builder (ADAMS HOMES) and I were in Civil Court. I found out that the builder ADAMS HOMES HAD FILED THE COMPLAINT! The couple both made it clear that neither one wanted to do anything. I gave them a tour of my Contaminated home/laboratory and showed them what to look for, since they would probably have to go into other homes like mine. They stated that they would return to their office and talk to their boss. Nothing else happened.

Then later on I discovered a vehicle out in front of my home with 4 men inside, and they were taking pictures of my home. I never minded before, but I knew that these individuals were from Adams Homes, and I told them where to go! A short while later, the same two Code Enforcement Officers arrived at my home with a second complaint, FILED BY ADAMS HOMES AGAIN!

I told them I would not remove my banners! I also pointed out that my banners had been hung for some years, and that the Building Department had been to my home for permit inspections, and other things, and not one Officer had brought up my banner Violations. I also stated that Adams Homes was trying to use the CITY to do an end run around me, as they were RETALIATING against me for trying to get my home repaired, and also using my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS for redress in the Court system!

The two Code Enforcement Officers were very nice, and the lady told her partner that they had been sick at their office….probably from bad drywall there in the CITY HALL BUILDING! She then told her partner that she would not handle this case, and he would have too! I had always kept the exterior of my home very neat and clean. The two then proceeded to tell me that I could write all over my home, and also have as many signs in my yard as I wanted… long as they were no larger than 2’X2′. So I thanked them and that is why my home looks as it does on my website. But there is something fundamentally wrong with our laws, when the laws are currently as they are? My home looked much better with just a banner or two, don’t you think?

So the CITY of NORTH PORT, denied me a hearing in a building that was free from Contaminated Drywall, and now they are charging me $2.00 a day X the (3) infractions, since September 22, 2013. There is a $1,000.00 cap on each count. I am not worried as I will deal with the City of North Port in the coming months. But the most important thing is that ADAMS HOMES is still in COURT, with my $25 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT! All they had to do was step up to the plate and stand behind the home that they built! If they were a RESPONSIBLE BUILDER, they would have come to my home, as well as other Victim’s homes and made it right! ADAMS HOMES, you knew that you had put bad drywall in many of your homes, and you rolled the dice…….AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on May 8, 2015 - Last updated on May 8, 2015

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