Chinese Drywall vs American Drywall

Chinese Drywall vs American Drywall

Contaminated-American-Drywall-4 switchesCHINESE DRYWALL
Reacts quickly – usually 6-12 months. Will lose 1 or more A/C coils. Possibly will lose other appliances, TV’s, razors, computers, and anything electrical. Jewelry, copper pipes, faucets, will corrode or become pitted, and turn black. Soot will collect in your house on electrical wiring, A/C coil, door hinges, and frames. House may have a smell of rotten eggs, but this is not always the case. Are family members getting sick for no reason at all?

Everything depends on the amount of contaminated drywall that was installed in the house. Also were other brands installed in the same house, or was there also recycled drywall installed. The Courts have ordered that an off-gassing test is the legal means for demonstrating reactive drywall.

What we have learned is that the Chinese drywall will show positive on an elemental sulfur test (also known as an S8 Test), and also on the off-gassing test, Hydrogen Sulfide will register. Carbonyl Sulfide could also show up on the off-gassing test, but this will turn into Hydrogen Sulfide anyway, so it is basically a throw away.

It will start doing damage right away, but may be unnoticed at first. We have discovered that the American drywall takes approximately 1 ½ years before a lasting smell is present. House seems to be cooking and evolving over a period of time. It took my 3000 Sq. Ft. home about 2-3 years to become fully evolved. Lights may flicker, and smoke alarms may go off. Wiring will tarnish and even turn black. Jewelry, copper pipes, faucets, may become pitted and corroded.

Especially sterling silver jewelry will turn black. Most of the drywall cosymptoms are just like the Chinese drywall, except that you will most likely have Instead of a rotten egg smell, a sweet, sickly, Chemical or metallic smell. One of the largest differences between the two are that the light switches, and possibly the receptacles will turn a beige color, up to a yellow-yellow/gold color. They will look like a smoker’s house after 20 years. But the cover plates will remain white.
This fact makes it so easy to recognize this abnormality. The one exception to the above is the cable jack and the telephone jack, as these are both usually a single plate, and will change color even faster than the rest.

This also depends on the amount of contaminated drywall that was installed. Also were there other brands installed, or any recycled drywall put into the house.

There is not any established protocol for Contaminated American Drywall. But the Courts still have the off-gassing test for reactive drywall, and we have discovered the following:
• In the off-gassing test, true United States Gypsum Drywall will only register Carbon Disulfide, and not Hydrogen Sulfide if it is Reactive drywall.
• In some cases United States Gypsum did register with Hydrogen Sulfide, and we believe that this drywall was imported from outside the USA, and American Paper and bar Codes were placed on it. The other option is that it is recycled drywall, and it contains pieces of contaminated drywall.

The American contaminated drywall health symptoms are pretty much the same as in the other drywall. I believe that the American United States Gypsum is causing more health issues, due to its content of Carbon Disulfide, Acetone, other chemicals, and some Radiation thrown in. even if some of these chemicals are in a smaller concentration, consider long term exposure inside any house with all the doors and windows closed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going to happen.

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