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We are waiting to hear if the (CDC) Center For Disease Control is going to come to Lamarque Elementary School and “SAVE THE CHILDREN”? This school was opened in 2006 and has been plagued with problems from day one. There was an inside source, fighting for the children and then at the beginning of 2013, I became involved. A newspaper article was sent to me and I understood the initial problem that they had, but I also suspected that there was other things going on. I went to the school on January 25, 2013 for my first visit. I knew instantly upon entering that they had a contaminated drywall issue. I ade my second trip to the school on August 5, 2013, and this time went further into the inter sanctum, as well as speaking to the school Principal, Sally Mancheno.

I can’t tell you how many times I called, emailed and stressed to the head of the Sarasota County School District’s Maintenance Office Director, Jody Dumas, just exactly what he had to do to prove that the drywall was bad. I also “CC” Scott Lempe, the Assistant School Superintendent, almost every time i sent emails. I told them everytime that the only test to be done was the Off-Gassing test. I was promised that it would be done, and finally almost 10 months later, after spending $250,000.00 this year already, they did 9 drywall tests.

When the tests results came back, they were withheld from me for 20 days, and I understood why when they sent them to me on October 31, 2013. All 9 tests had registered a hit in two out of the three gasses that comes from the drywall. I then appeared before the School Board Meeting along with a mother of two children who attends Lamarque, and they were so generous to give us each three minutes to talk about the “Life Or Death” situation of the students and faculty, at Lamarque Elementary School. After we spoke they proceeded to pat each others backs for about 40 minutes, with a group of 5 other individuals over a joint venture to build a new High School in Venice, with the city assisting to include a Performing Arts center. Don’t get me wrong as i love the Arts, but don’t you think that fixing a sick school, with sick students and faculty takes presidence over building a new school?

If this was not enough insult to the citizens of sarasota County, they voted – WITHOUT – discussion to spend $215,000.00 for a MD Toxocologist/ PhD Environmentalist to come for a week and do a survey on 25 faculty members at Lamarque. (I am assuming that the faculty was hand picked) There are approximately 120 staff members, and it is my understanding that 80-90% of them have been sick. Oh, The specialist they are bringing in is a hired gun for (Workman’s Comp)?

PLEASE CDC? Come into this community and SAVE OUR CHILDREN? The sad part is that Lamarque is not the only school…I have 4 others that I found, and after my school video came out, I received many telephone calls that gave me the names of 3 more schools also.

Then you may ask me why I listed a tire store in this article? Today November 29, 2013 I went to a Tire Shop on Paulson Drive in Port Charlotte, Florida. A small shop located in a metal building housing a few other small businesses. I needed new tires for my car, and the owner came outside as we talked. He gave me a price, and said he would have to get them in a day or two if i needed them. So I decided to buy them and keep my business local. As I went into the shop area and into his small office/waiting room, the smell hit me in the face. I immediately told him that his drywall was bad. After explaining some facts to him, he told me that he recognized some of the things I had mentioned to him. I don’t know if that was at his house or somewhere else. But within 10 minutes after i paid for the tires, he noticed that my face was getting red, and my voice was starting to get raspy. I said I needed to get out to breathe fresh air. As soon as I got outside, he witnessed me start to cough, and my nose started running.

What I had just described to you, is why so many people call me to come inspect their homes. Besides my wealth of knowledge of Contaminated Chinese and American Drywall, my sense of smell is comparible to a drug sniffing dog, as my senses and allergic reaction to sulfur is key to my nose capabilities alone. Having said that, every time I enter one of these contaminated buildings takes its toll on me.

Now back to the Lamarque Elementary School…It is my very strong opinion that this School Board, Superintendent Lori White, Assistant Superintendent Scott Lempe, Director of Maintenance Jody Dumas, and Principal Sally Mancheno, needs to pack their bags! They have not only spent over 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS chasing whatever since 2006, but they have hired the same companies over and over again to do nothing. Why would you bring back the same Company who was paid to find a problem, and couldn’t find it nor fix it? But the most important thing is THIS SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE BEEN CLOSED….CLOSED…….CLOSED! TAKE THE CHILDREN OUT — FIX THE BUILDING — AND THEN BRING THE CHILDREN BACK! It is time to do the right thing, and the Parent need to take CONTROL and CLEAN HOUSE? The school has a 10 year warranty, and it contains UNITED STATES GYPSUM DRYWALL AND NATIONAL GYPSUM DRYWALL, and was built by KRAFT CONSTRUCTION (now Manhattan Construction Company)

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Posted on Nov 30, 2013 - Last updated on Nov 30, 2013

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