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On June 17th I appeared before the Federal Court in New Orleans, LA in front of Federal Judge Eldon E. Fallon. Not just anyone can go before the Court and speak, as you have to be placed on the agenda, and most are Attorneys. I am not an Attorney, but an individual who is acting as a Victim, and as a Pro Se Plaintiff. I was also a member in Omnibus #3, in the Court.

My purpose in appearing before Judge Fallon was to admit certain evidence with the Court, and make this a part of the official Court record. I spoke about the emergence of Toxic American Drywall, especially in the North Port, Florida and the surrounding area. I specifically wanted to enter my United States Gypsum SHEETROCK Drywall, with my Bar Code into the Court record.

I also spoke of the plight of the Lamarque Elementary School where many students and staff have become sick. I entered the test results of the 9 rooms from lamarque into the official Court records. I wanted these results registered with the Federal Courts. In the Court room were approximately 25 Attorneys from the most prestigious law firms, across the entire United States, as well as Judge Fallon. Also in the gallery were many other Attorneys and legal staff. My point is that all of these individuals present knew how to read the test results, and also understand the significance of the numbers. I am also not a stupid person that would appear before these individuals with data that wasn’t valid and correct.

I also presented into the Court records the newly released Health Consult, from the Center of Disease Control (CDC), dated May 2, 2014. In this Health Consult, the Government finally recognizes that there is American Drywall that is Toxic just like the Chinese drywall. It also shows and list all the same medical symptoms that have been exhibited by the students and staff members at Lamarque Elementary School, as well as people who have these same symptoms from their homes.

The Sarasota County School Board has been negligent in providing a safe environment for all the students and faculty at Lamarque Elementary School. I have done everything possible to try and give the School Board my Expert guidance about the Toxic Drywall for the past two school years. Since they have failed to recognize and accept the test results, and correct the problems, I was forced to place their test results in the Federal Court’s Official Records. Maybe there will be some accountability by the School Board in the near future? Or possibly even Criminal charges based on their attempts to cover up the issues?

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Posted on Aug 22, 2014 - Last updated on Jan 7, 2016

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