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These are the re-mediation guidelines as established by Judge Eldon B. Fallon, Federal Court, New Orleans, LA MDL. It is 108 pages long, so I will provide you with a brief summary, as well as some of my own observations and discoveries over the last seven years +.

Judge Fallon’s guidelines are preferred over what the C.P.S.C. has listed because the CPSC and HUD does not necessarily require all the wiring to be removed, or a few other controversial issues.

In order to remediate a Contaminated Drywall house, everything must be removed from the house, until nothing is left but the concrete floors, block walls, 2X4’s or steel studs, and the trusses. (2 X 4’s or steel studs may also be removed if desired). Then a cleaning process must be followed, the house allowed to set for a period of time, and then an approved architectural engineer must inspect the home, and certify it is now ready to be rebuilt.

******Special Note: All contaminated drywall is not allowed in the landfills, and must be treated as Hazmat Material. This includes being transported as Hazardous Material by a licensed carrier, and taken to an incinerator for disposal. The drywall attacks the copper wiring, which makes it a fire hazard, and any electrical devices now also have been compromised. What the electrical doesn’t destroy, then any of the three gasses, being off gassed from the drywall, will penetrate all of your other possessions (clothes, furniture, cloth and wood, grout, tile, wood floors, cabinets, and most other items in your home. There is very little that can be saved, as once the gasses are in any item it can’t be removed. (Maybe the only exception is if you have only been in the building a very short time, and the amount of bad drywall in the building.) Some of the drywall also has other chemicals in the drywall, causing additional problems. Again it is recommended that all these items be treated as Hazmat Material and be Incinerated.

When the house is to be rebuilt it must have everything newly installed from A/C ducts, wiring, plumbing, doors, trim, drywall and wood, wood floors, ceramic, or any other flooring. New cabinets and anything else in the home. *******In the early stages of contaminated drywall discovery, families took all their possessions and put them in storage. After their homes were fixed to the degree established at that time, it was discovered that the items brought back into the house was cross-contaminating the drywall, and/or also the odors were brought back into the house, with no way to get rid of it until the possessions were removed. Then these same families also discovered that many of their appliances brought back into the home stopped working. Again, it was later discovered that the copper wiring had been compromised, could catch on fire, or cause a fire in any electrical appliance, and that is why they all should be replaced.

Some families have reported saving some dishes, thin clothing, and other various items. I know that this might be devastating news to new “Victims” of toxic drywall, and I am so sorry to put this out there but I want to put the truth and facts out to the people and not sugar coat anything. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. God Bless You! Charles A Hummer

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Posted on May 16, 2015 - Last updated on May 16, 2015

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