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When I started this web-site, I told everyone that it is a no holds barred, tell it like it is, name names and etc. Between my observations this past year in following certain properties, and all the calls for help from homeowners, renters, and stories told to me of victimization by greedy, unscrupulous people, I had to share some of them with you. I had followed this house on South Haberland, a model just like mine, and located about 1 mile away. I had spoken to a previous tenent who was moving, toured the home, and she told me her daughter had been sick. I discovered the same smell, symptoms, and signs that my own home demonstrated. I later had the chance to advise the Realtor who was handling this property. Her name was “Jackie”, from Almar Rentals in Port Charlotte. To my knowledge nothing was done about my notice to her of potential problems. She proceeded to rent this to an older couple months later. I happened to see the gentleman outside one day, so I gave him a card. A few days later I received a call from a screaming lady named Jackie! It was the Realtor yelling at me, and then she hung up on me, without allowing me to speak. No problem, as I will be there when her Real Estate License is pulled one day in the future, but for now my work continues.

Then I received a call for help from a rental family living in a 2 story house at 2933 Bay City Terrace, North Port, Fl. A Realtor named Beverly Hayden, from Remax Alliance Group in Englewood, Florida had rented this home to a family. The day I arrived to help them there were 7 children, and three adults in this home. I could smell upon entry an odor, and within a short time my chest began to hurt. I had experienced this before. I want to say that right from the start I truly believe, with all my experience, that there is no way that this realtor didn’t know that there was problems in this home! I also think that it is important to know that the first 4 homes on this street was built by the same builder – Maronda Homes. It is also worthy to state that this was my third house in that group to inspect, and find major problems. These renters had no knowledge, until someone gave them one of my cards, and they called me. So a week later the relator arrived with a, “so called Home Inspector”. Trying to assist I showed a few areas I had observed and then I stepped back. It was apparant this inspector had no knowledge in drywall, and his goal was to rack up money from the realtor. I told her in order to save the homeowner money, all she needed was one specific test of the drywall, that cost $235. The home inspector did’t like that I was cutting into his profits, so he took the realtor outside. The story goes on, but to cut to the chase – I helped the renters get their money back. But before I left the Realtor, Beverly Hayden, looked me squarely in the face and called me a, “SCAM-MONGER”! I told her excuse me maam but I came here twice for free, inspected, wrote a report, printed the report, took pictures, and paid to develope them plus adding a CD Rom, all money out of my pocket as well as my time. When in reality she gets paid extra from the homeowner to be there, or it is included in their monthly fee. So Beverly Hayden i will be present when they also take your Real estate License!

The cases that really take the cake, especially during this Christmas time are the two homes located at 16161 and 16169 Alcira Circle, Punta Gorda, Fl 33955. These homes are owned by a lady named Catherine Stevens, (whom I am told is also a Public employee by the Punta Gorda School System. The house at 16161 was found to have Chinese Drywall at the beginning of 2013. This homeowner filed with the Property Appraiser’s Office to have the house zeroed out (meaning no property taxes collected until fixed) Then she proceeded to rent this home out at the end of April, to a family of 6. The father was retired, a Disabled veteran, and also on Oxygen. This pathetic, greedy, scammer, thought that by having these out of state renters sign a self drafted document, that it would cover her for ripping off these unsuspecting “Victims”. The second house at 16169 was rented approximately 6 weeks ago, to another family of 4. Except this time there were more extreme medical problems in the household. There was a 10 month old infant, who had to go to the emergency room, because of inhaling the dangerous gasses emiting from the drywall. This house did not have Chinese drywall, but did have United States Gypsum Drywall. The home owner did not have this house zeroed out, but this expert in Chinese/American Contaminated Drywall can attest that the homeowner was aware that this house had problems when she rented it out.

As a result of Contaminated American Drywall Dot Com, I can tell you that the first property at 16161 has been “RED TAGGED” by the Charlotte County Code Enforcement Department. We are waiting on Code Enforcement to slap the RED TAG on the other address at any moment. This homwowner will be dealt with in the Courts! Because of these situations I am in the process of having some specific laws written by the Florida legislature, in order to give the authorities some statutues to go by.


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Posted on Dec 26, 2013 - Last updated on Aug 18, 2014