Response To LaMarque Elementary School Principal & Sarasota County School District

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To Superintendent Lori White, I have read your two page response to my posting a truthful video about LaMarque Elementary School. You have had problems at this school for years, and you want to discount my observations, diagnosis, and expertise I have tried to share with your Supervisory Staff.My question to you Madam Superintendent is quite simple: Why would you hire back again, Dr. Rene Salazar, and OHC Environmental Engineering after all their previous attempt were Negative. If they couldn’t recognize the problem and fix the problem, then why not seek other competant professionals to handle the job? As an outsider looking in this gives me the sense that you were buying these professionals credentials, and also that this was a payoff in order to keep them silenced. My next question Madam Superintendent is why did you not disclose to the public at your press conference the 9 Off Gassing Tests that were performed on October 3-8th at the Laboratory in Simi Valley, California? These 9 Drywall samples were tested as per the CPSC and HUD Identification Guidance for Homes With Corrosion From Problem Drywall, as of March 18, 2011. ALL 9 samples that were tested met the criteria, and had hits of CARBONYL SULFIDE and CARBON DISULFIDE. LaMarque Elementary School has now officially been classified as having Problematic Drywall, based on the test findings. A further note Madam Superintendent, your Head Of Maintenance, Jody Dumas was informed since my first visit to LaMarque Elementary School on January 25, 2013. Since this date I have done everything in my power to convey the urgency in doing the proper testing, yet it has taken from January to October to get him to finally do the proper testing. This is not acceptable, and everyone must and will be held accountable for their actions, regardless what position that they hold. My next question Madam Superintendent is why did you not mention about the Tests that were performed also in October, called the “VOC”? These are the tests that show what chemicals are present. There were various chemicals also over the limits, in most rooms tested. The one that comes to mind the most is ACETONE AND ACETONITRATE.

Madam Superintendent you may challenge me, serve me Court papers, or try and attack me with any means that you have at your disposal. I will tell you right now that I am not going away! I am an Expert in Chinese and American Contaminated Drywall. I will stand up to anyone, and I will present my credentials on the spot. I don’t have a Ph.D, I am not an M.D., but what I do have and can offer the most is my knowledge and expertise! I have no ego, as my only concern is to SAVE THE CHILDREN! My second concern is to save lives and educate and help all of those people that are not aware of what the AMERICAN CONTAMINATED DRYWALL can do to their health, and also their possessions.

The last item on my list for today is the PRINCIPAL of LaMarque Elementary School, Sally Mancheno. On my first visit January 25, 2013, I did not get to meet you, as your front office ran back and forth with our messages. I did on my second visit, August 5, 2013 get to meet you. As we stood there talking you observed my voice getting raspy, and then I started coughing, and told you I had to leave the building. I went home and was sick until the next day. Since then I have been informed that you have also been sick, as per my informants. I also understand that the new Assistant Principal, who came to the school at the end of September, also started coughing. Principal Mancheno you have students getting sick, staff getting sick, and even yourself and my question to you is this: You are the Captain of the ship, The Pilot on the plane, The Driver of the bus, and you are THE PRINCIPAL! It is your duty and your responsibility to all the students, all the Special Needs Students, and your entire faculty, to ensure that they are safe and out of harms way. As the Principal, you have the POWER to pull the plug, and tell the Superintendent that your school is not safe to be in. You also have a responsibility under THE PREMISES LIABILITY LAW, to insure that anyone passing through your doors remains safe and not harmed. Both times I entered your facility, I became sick, and everyday that your school remains open, until it is fixed you are the main one that will be held accountable, and the finger will point to you. It is not a coincidence that so many people are sick at your school, those numbers are facts, and will stand up in Court.

Last item for today is that LaMarque is not the only school, as I went inside additional schools in the month of April 2013. I also sent to JODY DUMAS and SCOTT LEMPE, the list of the following schools I found the same characteristics in as LaMarque: 1. TOLEDO BLADE ELEMENTARY, 2. HERON CREEK ELEMENTARY, 3. WOODLANDS MIDDLE SCHOOL, 4. NORTH PORT HIGH SCHOOL,

I have also been informed by many parents in the last two days, during telephone calls made to me that there are 3 ADDITIONAL SCHOOLS that possibly may be contaminated also. I will check these schools out and inform you of my findings in my blog pages. I just want to insure all the parents of students in any of the schools I have listed, whether it be by my videos or by my website, I WILL FIGHT RELENTLESSLY UNTIL ALL THESE CHILDREN ARE SAFE IN THEIR SCHOOLS. The Sarasota County School District better wake up – admit your mistakes – close the affected schools and get them fixed properly. Then the community will decide the fate of all those individuals who should be held rsponsible, for allowing our children to be harmed in your unsafe school environment! Charles A Hummer

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  1. Holly Pisaturo says:

    Hello Charles
    I was wondering if you could publish a copy of the Lamarque report with the actual testing results? I am a former Lamarque teacher and I have always wondered what the specific test results were. Around last Thanksgiving an administrator from Sarasota schools (I believe it was either Jody or Scott) attended a staff meeting about the smell/sickness issue. We were told that there were elevated levels of a couple chemicals (never a mention that they could be from a drywall issue), but that they were within safe limits and would not harm us. A teacher posed the question as to whether we were expected to continue to work in, and have our students attend school in, an environment that was making us sick. To paraphrase the answer — yes, you are expected to continue to work in this building. The chemicals may be causing symptoms in your bodies, but are not at a high enough level to actually harm you.
    We requested a copy of that report, but to my knowledge it was never provided. So if you have a copy of that I would love to see it.
    Thank you for your work and effort to educate the community and families about this issue.
    Holly Pisaturo

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