Senator Marco Rubio Shafts Florida Citizens

Senator Marco Rubio Shafts Florida Citizens

The American people elect an individual to go to Washington and represent
all the citizens of that state, as well as the rest of the Country. Our fore fathers
set up our Government and did not anticipate any one individual to go to Congress,
and make it a long term career.

Throughout the years our standards started slipping. Seven years ago when Barack
Obama decided to run, the Country was in a fury because we had a woman, and we also
had our first black politician running for President.

Then first term Senator Obama, seemed to ride on a cloud of victory, not for his skills as
a potential President, but because he was the first African American elected President.
Most of the Country was elated and looking forward to massive changes. But President
Obama’s lack of leadership skills started showing. I am still puzzled that he got elected
the send term. I realized right from the start that he was a smooth talking, snake-oil salesman,
and then most critics stated that he would go down in history as one of the worst
Presidents ever.

Now we come to today, and I see another first term Senator named Marco Rubio. He is also
a smooth talking snake oil salesman. Here in Florida a National Disaster struck the state,
called Toxic Chinese and American Drywall. It turned out that this problem was also across
the nation, but key states were hit the hardest, and Florida led the pack. The Contaminated
Drywall Off – Gassed three gases which attacked the copper wiring in houses, and then also
destroyed everything else in the homes over time. But the biggest impact on the families was
that they became very sick. Some more than others, but those who were already medically
compromised, usually suffered greater damage.

Thousands of Florida “Victims” called, wrote letters, held rallies across the state, and tried to get
help from their elected officials. But I want to be specific and talk about Senator Marco Rubio!
I personally called his offices in Florida and also Washington, D.C. I also wrote letters to him.

Senator Rubio did nothing for any of us, except write a letter to the CPSC (Consumer Product
Safety Commission),pass the buck. He already knew that they had been involved and couldn’t
do anything! Senator Rubio could have called the Governor and requested him to file a
Declaration of Disaster, asking the President to Declare, therefore bringing in FEMA and other
Federal help.

Families were forced to live in these homes, some walked away, others were foreclosed on
because they could not afford rent and a mortgage payment both. Some families even lived in
tents for a period of time. I know this because I was one who spent three months in a 11X17
tent. I was so sick, but I had to keep going until I could enclose my back porch, as winter was
approaching. I am still living in my back porch, while I battle in Court with the Builder.

Senator Marco Rubio shafted all the “Victims” by refusing to represent his Florida residents!
He can’t be trusted! He sure as hell can’t run this Country, if he failed to perform the job that
we sent him to Washington to do. If you want to fact check what I have said, just go to my
website, and look under the Letters section in the top listed in Red.

Charles A. Hummer

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Posted on Dec 27, 2015 - Last updated on Dec 27, 2015

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